70XLTUD Shiley Extended-Length Cuffless Tracheostomy Tube

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  • 70XLTUD Shiley Extended-Length Cuffless Tracheostomy Tube


Covidien 70XLTUD Shiley Extended-Length Cuffless Tracheostomy Tube

Shiley XLT tubes are available with extended length in either the proximal or distal portions. Choose extra length in the proximal portion to accommodate increased skin-to-tracheal-wall distances in patients with a full or thick neck. Tubes with extended distal length compensate for conditions such as tracheal stenosis or malacia, which often require extra length.Shiley XLT tracheostomy tubes also offer patient comfort through our flexible, free-swiveling neck flange while providing easy inspection of the stoma site. A disposable inner cannula is secured with our unique twist-lock mechanism, affording ease of use for both patients and health care workers.


  • The tubes have extended lengths in either the distal or proximal locations of the shaft.
  • The extended lengths are ideal for those with unique neck physiology.
  • The flange is soft, flexible, and swivels freely for patient comfort.
  • The disposable cannulas twist and snap into a fixed position within the outer cannula.


Manufacturer: Covidien
Model: 70XLTUD
Total Length: 100mm
Proximal Length: 27mm
Radial Length: 39.0mm
Distal Length: 49.0mm